Luca Federici  was born on 6th February 1979 in Pesaro (Italy). 

In 2006 he started studying at the Academy of Fine Arts "Raffaello", Urbino (PU). In 2009, he obtained BA Degree in Fine Arts and in 2012 he completed the two of specialization in painting.

The most significant exhibitions include: “Prima Biennale di Lecce" on January 2011 organized by Paolo Levi and the LiberArt association at Stomeo art gallery in Martano (Lecce); “NefArt”, on Agust 2011, organized by the Neapolitan Academy at Santa Maria dei Periclitanti Church in Naples; “L’Arte: Una Storia Essenziale” on July 2012, arranged by Monica Martins ‘ Viv'Artes art gallery (Vittorio Veneto).

In october 2011 he exhibited a sculpture made of metal net and fur at Traffic art gallery in Urbania (PU).

From 2008 until 2010 he annually took part to the exhibitions organized by Zoe Microfestival in Pesaro.

During his thesis discussion, professors has given a very positive judgement on him:

Luca Federici is inspired by Expressionism. Gestural painting which expresses drama and may be seen as the symptom of an internal wound never healed and that reveals, at the same time, high sensitivity and kindness.

Presently, he lives London where he graduated in MA Fine Arts at Chelsea College of Art and Design. During his attendance, he experimented performance and collage.


I have always been obsessed by the flesh of the body and that I consider a system of gestures, signs and meanings that represent us. It is, from my viewpoint, the site of the experiences that characterise our life which is capable of communicating with its acts and poses.


In my paintings, the bodies are often depicted as though the skin was flayed and torn and the bodies showed its flesh, its inner part. The brush strokes employed are often instinctive and overlapped one another as though were layers and layers of skin that has been ripped off and frayed.

Drips, "dirtiness" and marks left accidentally play an important role in my practice since they give to my figure a sort of spontaneity.


The interest for the body led me toward the performance art that I consider it the most immediate and direct way to express the idea that I want to talk about. 

In the recent years, by using actions, I am attempting to give aesthetic value to some experiences that have affected my life, such as BDSM activities and Catholic religion. As Italian, I was raised with Catholic education, often surrounded by people who talked about miracles, martyrdom, punishment to find joy and peace. All this has probably influenced me and my art.

I also believe in pain and sacrifice. I see them as a way to overcome my limits psycho-physic and fears and, moreover, establish a deep contact with myself since they enable me to touch feelings and emotions that I could not reach without submitting to the pain.